About Us

For more than 40 years homeowners & builders alike have turned to our trusted name for all of their decorative ironwork need. We faithfully serve the Salt Lake City area along with select surrounding areas, as the demand for our quality iron continues to grow. Intermountain Ornamental is a premier manufacturer and retailer of grates, railing, spiral stairways and fencing in Utah.
We have been recognized as a national Award winning company for our top quality railing and our attention to detail. Licensed & insured, our company is dedicated to integrity of our craftsmanship and the happiness of our customers. Our company believes that customers need more than just an online catalog to really see the quality & the craftsmanship of the product they are investing in. That is why we maintain a large showroom that has a vast selection of railings, along with a spiral staircase and window well grate display.

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